We want full revision of the MP for Atanasovsko Lake reserve


Spas Uzunov from BBF presented the opinion of the Foundation and the team of the "Salt of Life" project, LIFE +. BBF congratulated the team for a serious amount of work done in the short time of preparation of the Plan for the benevolent treatment in the collection of the information and results of studies and projects, and to meet and exchange ideas in the course of work.

MP of the Managed reserve is an important strategic document concerning both the current situation in the lake, and future development, upcoming projects and programs. The BBF is the organization behind the first management plan performed various activities alone or in partnership for the maintenance, restoration, preservation and promotion of the lake. This is why we consider this proposal very thorough and give our contribution to improve it so that the document to serve in the coming years, at least in the way that was using the current plan, but to give modern and adequate basis for protection and sustainable development of the territory.

We believe that the proposed text version of the plan is unnecessary detail in the narrative (75% of the plan itself), making it difficult to work with him. It contains a number of controversial and empirically irrelevant to the management of protected areas and the objectives of the control introduced by the MP. The plan has not a good structure as a strategic document.

The MP doesn’t offer modern conservation, administrative and communication models for rational management and use of resources of the lake incl. its high quality and high value-added ecosystem services.

The mapping of the reserve and protected site are not solved and reflect the current status as size, ownership etc. It doesn’t eliminate the problem of different information in different data sets on the lake and creates a prerequisite for legal disputes.

BBF represents 200 specific comments, suggestions, objections and recommendations to authors regarding the quality of the updated management plan for the maintained reserve "Atanasovsko Lake" and proposals for their removal and correction.

In a similar vein was the opinion of BSPB presented by Dr. Peter Yankov, who presented the three main groups flaws of the plan.

Yuri Kornilev an opinion on behalf of Konstantin Gospodinov, Vladimir Mladenov and his name inaccuracies in the plan and offered to organize a new public consultation on which to present completely revised MP.

Representative RHI Burgas said lack of adequate information on the areas of mud that are not well represented in MP.

Marineta Nikolova from the Municipality of Burgas also expressed disappointment with the quality of the MP as a strategic document, inaccuracies in the information and the inclusion of such available. Serious debate provoked part plans and programs, which is poorly developed, and is the basis for future funding activities in the reserve.

The authors of the MP complained about the lack of sufficient time for the preparation of MP, but were replicated, it was clear even at the very application. Unfortunately, during the meeting demonstrated poor understanding of the philosophy of PU as an important document that became the basis for the management and development of the territory in the next 10 years.

We do hope that in the coming weeks the team will find enough motivation to carry out a complete overhaul of the MP and to propose a new improved version, which is more responsive to the modern requirements for such documents.