Veneta Tzenova

Veneta has designed a T-shirt design for the Salt of Life project dedicated to the sonic raccoon that we carry today.

Veneta for herself:
"I love to paint, travel and meet. I love to discover the potential in life events, I love to understand; I love peace and movement. I love symmetry and asymmetry, color and shape. Through the drawings I explore the nature of our surroundings. Sometimes I like to paint with details, sometimes I leave in the space of the leaves. I love to love."

We for Veneta:
"We know Veni from a student. She won prizes at ornithology competitions, came with us on the ground for various conservation studies and stocks, and then began to train others in bird discovery and monitoring of migration. Wherever it goes, she leaves a long, bright trail behind. Today, she combines her love for nature, art and work with children. "