Unexpectedly "One-day salt worker" appear to be the greatest attractions in Festival of salt


Although it was an event from last year Festival of salt 's program, a big pile of salt in the production area of the saltpans attracted the most visitors, and the chance to load the wooden cart with pierced shovel turned out to be fun for children and parents. At the same time the hall was a scene of art related to salt and a playground where kids had a chance to build a city of dreams.

The exhibition SALT II was opened in the hall with a glass of chilled  glass of wine in hands. It is divided in three parts - SALT 1 - WATER with watercolors made by rust and created by the different saltiness waters of Burgas Lakes and Black Sea, SALT 2 – TRACKS with sail painted with salt instead of paints and SALT 3 - LIMITS for water, which carries and erases the salt. "We are salty creatures ....we live in a world full of salts, live life with a taste of salt, we are looking for the salt …of life." said the young author Mariana Sarbova at the opening.

The festival, which takes place on the shore of the lagoon Atanasovsko Lake continued with culinary tasting and all the guests were fascinated by the temptations of the new gourmet salt harvested just a week ago from the lake and prepared by Culinary School "Entrance".
According to the guests’opinion the most exciting were the baskets with toffee cream, sprinkled with pink salt, but also the caramel cookies with nuts and the salty crackers as well. Everybody received a detailed recipe how to prepare the temptations at home.

While the children were busy with biogames - making lattices of salt and birds, the older flied kites on the beach or created giant art bird using papier mache technics, while adults took a dip in the lye pools and smeared with mud, and curious were shopping Burgas salt, cosmetics with our lye, t-shirts, badges and even  birds guides.

Again in the hall among the pile of salt was installed an unusual unique installation of Think Forward, called SALGHT, which explores the interaction of light with the salt, and the qualities of salt as material for product design. Galina Milkova (architect) and Nedko Nikolov (designer) from Think Forward begin new initiative - a study and interpretation of typical local productions and products, the first of which is exactly salt.

The second day of the Festival of salt finished with the music company of "Acoustic Point" at the background of setting sun over the lake, a pack of hungry mosquitoes and amazing vocal performances of Mariana and Venci.

The team of the "Salt of life" thanks to all who participated in the festival, particularly those who came to the event by bike or on foot, and all the authors and volunteers who helped the festival to happen in this relaxing and pleasant way. Media Partner of the event is Radio - Burgas.

Project "Salt of Life" is funded by the LIFE + Programme of the EU and implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, in partnership with the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and Black Sea Salt AD.