Salt Festival

The Sixth Salt Festival will be on August 10, 2018


How to get to the Festival?
  • most easily and quickly by bicycle, roller coasters, trotting - from the end of the Sea Garden of Bourgas along the cycle path along the sea to the South Salt Lake;
  • on foot (30 minutes from Kapanite car park on the route described above)
  •  by the electric buses travelling on the same route every 15 'at a price of BGN 1.50 in one direction;
  • by car - on the way to Sarafovo square immediately after the lake turns right - direction Solnitsi, then again to the right and drive to the large parking lot next to the sea or the parking lot inside the salt-wares.
  •     maybe with kite surf through the sea :)

What will this year?
  •     Traditional activities - Salt worker for one day; Salt train; Bazaar of salt
  •     Kids' studios - Play with Atanas; Watercolors with salt; Wings Thoughts; Soaps with salt
  •     Birthday of Atanasovsko Lake Reserve (with RIEW Burgas) and the Big Cake
  •     Exhibitions - "Gulls" of DAFNI; "Feathered painting" by Pavilion Studio and "Salt of Life"    (2012-2018)
  •     Music - a concert in the dark"(unknown for the public musicians) and the dance of Dune - The Lake
  •     Yoga cards with Lila; hammocks and more.
  •     Healthy and tasty - chocolate tasting with salt and a lecture on the benefits of lye and mud
  •     Contests - Miss and Mr. Salty Mud; video from the lagoon; Lake Park
  •     and many others

This year's sixth edition is organized with the support of friends of the lake who participate free of charge or at a symbolic fee in the Festival or donate to organize it.
Thanks to the Charity Bazaar, on January 21, during the Half marathon Atanasovsko lake, some of the necessary funds were collected.

The festival takes place thanks to the efforts of the Salt of Life project team, LIFE +.

Take part in the children's workshops and the Salt Bazaar, or make a donation during the Festival itself or in advance at our office in Bourgas (53, Gurko Street, floor 1) and Sofia (6, Triaditza str., Office 504).

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