Seminar for welands management and good practices in Pomorie


Within the project LIFE10/NAT/IT/256 "Environmental Management and Conservation in Mediterranean saltworks and coastal lagoons" two-days seminar for the wetlands included in the project (from Italy, France and Bulgaria) and conservation practices applied in the park Camargue (France), natural Park of the Po Delta (Italy), Pomorie Lake (Bulgaria) and park Molentargius Saline (Sardinia) was organized in Pomorie Visitor Center. The experience of the partners were shared with the presentations of CSME company (part of Salins France), Biological Station Tour du Valat (France) working in the area of the Camargue, as well as the Green Balkans's experience as main organization working for Pomorie Lake restoration. The Mayor of Chervia, Italy presented their Municipality and salt pans, as well as the Project Manager whoo explain the activities implemented in the Delta of the Po River (also partner in the Project).
Particularly interesting were the discussions after the presentations for the islets for nesting of birds, measures against invasive species, hunting and others.