Salt Festival

The Sixth Salt Festival will be on August 10, 2018
Again at the beginning of August, but again in Friday afternoon and evening we are coming back for the sixth salty adventure called the Salt Festival. We are expecting many new but also all the friends who have already come because there will be new and unseen things yet. We are looking for new people from Bourgas and the country who will join the fans of the richest in birds and salt spot in Bulgaria.
The Fifth edition is on a topic Inspired by the Lake
For the 5th time on the shore of the Atanasovsko Lake lagoon will be held the Festival, which this year will be earlier - on August 12 and will be all day from 9:00 to 23:00.

The theme is "Inspired by the Lake", because everyone has their own reason to love the lake, admire it and be attracted to it. That is why we will give space, stage, tribune to the most interesting thing that has been inspired by the lake (or at least what we know about) and since we are going to spend the entire Saturday and combine it with the birthday of Atanasovsko Lake Reserve.
The forth edition of the Festival will be on August 26th
This year's theme is "Migration" - of birds, other animals and humans. Migration as an active movement in search of a better place to live, the hidden power that drives millions of individuals to travel vast distances to find a favorable climate, abundant food, and security. Climate migrants, which have become more and more recent and for which we do not have enough information in Bulgaria.
The Salt Festival is coming
In 2015 forthcoming third edition of the festival, expected by those who have come, but also those who so far have not managed to become part of the adventure of the salty shore of Lake Atanasovkso. In August Burgas is crowded with festivals - Spirit of Burgas, International Folklore Festival, Wine Festival, Sea of ​​Black Festival, Festival of tattoos Festival of Puppet Theatres and others.
Salt worker for one day was the biggest attraction during the Festival
Although it is an event from last year's program of the Festival of Salt, the big pile of salt in the production hall of saltpans attract the most visitors, and the ability to load wooden cart with punctured salt shovel proved entertaining for children. At the same time the hall was the scene of art associated with salt and child's play to build a city of their dreams.
Expect the new edition of the Salt of Life Festival
This year, on August 29th, the second edition of the Salt Festival will take place - again on the shore of Atanasovsko Lake in its southern part (between the lye and the sea).
Come in from 16.00 to 22.00 if possible by bicycle, scooter, skateboard or on foot. There will be something interesting for everyone.

The theme this time will be SALT and BIRDS.