Salinas under Threat


Our partners Euronature working on a campaign for the protection oft he Salina Ulcinj in Montenegro. (Link)
The Salina Ulcinj is a very important wetland and habitat to about 250 species of birds, including Flamingos, Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy and Eurasian Spoonbill. It has requirements to become a Ramsar site as a wetland of international importance but the applicaltion has not been submitted yet.

In April the Minister for sustainable developement and tourismus of Montenegro promised to make the salina a Nature park to protect it. So far he has not kept is promises, so we started a petition to put pressure on the montenegrin goverment. So they started an international petition.

If the salina will not be put under protection, the habitats will disapear. On the one hand the pumps of the salinas are not beeing used so the basins change and the water will be only freshwate soon. And because the site is in danger to be turned into a big tourismus place with marinas, hotel etc. Another aspect is the Salina was giving employment to many people from the area.

Please sign the petition to support the Salina Ulcinj to stay alive. Link to the petition.