Expert's reports

Here you can review and get acquainted with the Summary Reports for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 - Develop a methodology for hydrobiological monitoring of a protected area of Atanasovsko lake for the experts who have worked for 6 years within the project that you can use as you quote correctly. 
Available only in Bulgarian.

e-bulletin # 3 / 2015

We introduce you the new issue of the "Salt of Life" project newsletter, which contains brief information on all the most interesting things that happened in 2015 - The Year of the Atanasovsko Lake Lagoon.
e-bulletin #3 2 Mb (pdf) download

Calendar for Atanasovsko Lake - 2015

We've  started 2015 with our very nice calendar devoted to Atanasovsko Lake lagoon, which could be found at our project office - Burgas, 53 Gurko Str.

For the first time The Year of .... is devoted not to a certain species of plant or animal, but to a habitat - Atanasovsko Lake.

The calendar this year includes pictures of Burgas authors - members of Burgas photographic community, the team of the project and exceptional basketball player - Bogdan Boev. They all give their photos for free and we really appreciate this.
calendar 4 Mb (pdf) download

Methodology for monitoring the Atanasovsko Lake

Prepared by:
Dr. Svetla Dalakchieva
dippl. Ecologist Georgi Gyuzelev, MSc
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iva Apostolova
Assoc. Prof. Ghana Ganeva
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Detelina Belkinova
Ch. Prof. Dr. Emilia Varadinova
dippl. ecologist Stoyan Mihov, MSc
dippl. Ecologist Yuri Kornilev, MSc
Burgas, 2014
Methodology in BG 2 Mb (pdf) download

e-bulletin Salt of Life #2

Enclose you can find the e-bulletin of the project presenting all main activities during 2014.
bulletin#2 en 553 Kb (pdf) download

e-bulletin Salt of Life #1

One year after the start of the project we are presenting you our bulletin with information for the most imposrtant activities which were implemented during the first project year.
e-bulletin#1 595 Kb (pdf) download

Leaflet of the Project

We are presenting you the leaflet of the Project - available in BG and English, which contains information aout the activities, detailed map of the lake, managed resere and borders of Natura 2000 zone. You may downloaded it here or to get hart copy from our office.


leaflet 1 Mb (pdf) download