Opening of the tourist season of "Symbiotic"with a music concert of Taralejkov


The new tourist attraction "symBiotic" in Burgas - the space for Atanasovsko Lake, opens the summer season with a free concert of Tarakevkov and friends on June 15 (Friday) at 19:30.

"Symbiotic" is located in the area of the Burgas Salt mines and gathers all the exciting history and everything interesting for Atanasovsko lake. An old salinas house is turned into an attractive place where the famous "symbiotic" exhibition, which can be seen, touched, heard and tasted, is installed; the Salt Exhibition by Mariana Sarbova, dedicated to the three Burgas lakes and the Black Sea; a separate corner with the history of salt-making in the lake; educational games for children and a souvenir corner. Thanks to the donations of people from all over the country, a Maritime Library is also gathered, which can be read on the hammocks outside or on the nearby beach. A digital archive is also available for inquisitive visitors, which offers documents from saltwater life, lake related articles, as well as old maps of the Black Sea.
The landlords, LIFE + project team, have chosen this different name because "symbiotic" is not exactly a museum or an information centre, but an interesting mixture between the two, which informs, educates and inspires visitors.
The organizers invite everyone to come on the 15th of June (Friday) from 19.30 to the "symbiotic" when the lake-sea pleasures will be officially launched, with a concert by Tarálezkov and friends. The musical experience will include the favourites of all the songs Neftochim, Kominite, Radost and Summer is just nudge.
the Atanasovsko Lake space this summer will work every day from 1 June to 1 September (except Mondays) from 11 am to 7 pm and the entrance is free. Throughout the season there will be interesting events, workshops for children and adults, culminating on August 10, when the Salt Festival will take place.
"Symbiotic" is located in the Salinas region (200 m from the lye and mud pools), between the administrative building of Chernomorski Solnitsi Ltd. and the new café "White House". It is easy to reach by bike, on foot, by car (on the upper side of the road) or by the regular electric buses.
Space "symbiotic" was created within the framework of the "Salt of Life" project, LIFE +.