A meeting of the Forests of the Eagle Project Supervisory Board
On the 15th of September the Forests of the Eagle project Supervisory Board visited Atanassovsko Lake and got acquainted with the work on our project and also with Avocet Trail, the Salt Trail and some of the inhabitants of the lagoon.
  • 09/16/2016
A birthday on the coast of Atasovsko Lake
It turned out that besides its own birthday, the Atanasovsko Lake is especially suited for celebrating birthdays. In August the Avocet Trail, Nest wicker watchtower and gazebo in front of the Birdwatching hide were very attractive to young birthday people and their guests, who were looking for new and different experiences.
  • 09/13/2016
Record visits at the Salt Trail and basins with lay and mud
The high value of the ecosystems services, which the Atanassovsko Lake offers

This summer the basins with salinas and mud in the Atanassovsko Lake appeared to be more accessible and interesting than ever to the people of Burgas and tourists from all over the country and abroad. The new view of this area, improved infrastructure and information and increased number of vehicles made the southern part of the lake, along the Black sea, a top destination this summer.
  • 09/08/2016
The Salt of Life and Salt of the Earth
Members of BBF took part in the new initiative The Man and Nature in the House of Cinema in Sofia. On every 1st of the month an ecological film will be broadcasted, as the start was given with the amazing film of Vim Venders – The Salt of Life.
  • 09/01/2016
Atanassovsko lake: reload – new people, new islands, but with lesser storks.
Atanassovsko Lake has many more new friends after the completion of the nature protection brigade, organized by the BSPB, within the Salt of Life project. More than half of the involved volunteers were at the brigade for the first time and they are already big supporters of the lagoon, its birds, as well as the life at the camp, situated on the meadow in the Northern Salinas in Burgas.
Atanassovsko Lake turns into a Photo-model
Atanassovsko Lake is emphasized on by 20 photographers from all over the country, who gather today in Burgas. In the next 3 days the lagoon will turn out to be a Photo-model within the Atanassovsko Lake in the Frame – the salt, people and birds workshop, organized within the Salt of Life project, LIFE+
  • 08/25/2016
The festival in one shot
Today, almost everyone takes pictures – for pleasure, to commemorate a special moment, to catch the magic of the light, to experiment with the colors or just to look the world through the lens. For those of you who are fascinated by the photography we offer to participate in our photo contest - The Festival in Motion.
  • 08/24/2016
The youth Water Parliament visited Atanassovsko Lake
The summer eco-school of the youth Water Parliament began on the 22nd of August, as this year’s topic is The Bourgas Lakes. The school will last till 27th of August. Pupils from 11 towns will take part in it, as well as representatives of the French Youth Parliament of the Artois Picardi Water Agency and the Belgium Good Planet International Organization. On the first day of the school the young people visited Atanassovsko Lake and went through the Path of the Avocet.
Fourth edition of the Salt Festival
On August, 26th the fourth edition of the Salt of Life festival will take place on the coast of Atanassovsko Lake lagoon. This year’s main topic is Migration – of birds, people and animals. The migration as an urge in search of a better place for living, the hidden power, which makes millions of individuals to travel huge distances in order to find a better climate, abundant food and safety.
  • 08/21/2016
70 volunteers has chosen a Vacation on an Exotic Islands, but firstly the have to build them
The start of the nature protection brigade, dating for more than 25 years, will be given tonight on the meadow of the Burgas Northern salinas, near the lye, salt and birds of Atanassovsko Lake. During the next 10 days 70 young people will work for in favor of the lake and its inhabitants.  All of them are prepared to sleep in tents, eat in an improvised canteen on the meadow and meet the dawn near the camp fire, in order to help the protection of this unique and rich of birds Atanassovsko Lake.
  • 08/20/2016