Unexpectedly "One-day salt worker" appear to be the greatest attractions in Festival of salt
Although it was an event from last year Festival of salt 's program, a big pile of salt in the production area of the saltpans attracted the most visitors, and the chance to load the wooden cart with pierced shovel turned out to be fun for children and parents. At the same time the hall was a scene of art related to salt and a playground where kids had a chance to build a city of dreams.

Atanasovsko Lake Reserve's Birthday
With lots of laughter and fun passed the sports feast organized for the birthday party of Atanasovsko lake at park "Lake" on August 12th.
In the gallery you can see pictures of the games, awarding, entertainment and yoga demonstration. Winners became the participants from the team "Solnitsata" (where there were still two older), closely followed by the "Pelican" team. The teams of the "olders" - "Avocet" and "Flamingo" were the last.