Record numbers of Great flamingos in Atanasovsko lake
Great flamingos in Atanasovsko lake are already five. This is the highest number of species in Bulgaria for nearly 30 years. Most recently in 1985 in shallowest lake were observed six birds. It happened during the regular monitoring carried out by ornithologists from BSPB as a part of "Salt of life" LIFE + Project.
Photos made by Stefan Avramov in Kirkini Lake, Greece.
  • 11/20/2014
Journey to Piran salt
From 14 to 18 October, 2014 the project team and the partners’ representatives from BSPB and "Black Sea Salinas" Ltd. had an experience exchange working trip with other LIFE projects in Slovenia. Main emphasis was the visit of the famous salt pans Sečoveljske soline. The trip was organized by BSPB.
Southern Atanasovsko Lake is full of birds - take your binoculars!
In the last beautiful autumn days is a time for bird watching in Atanasovsko Lake. Southern part in front of the Birdwatching Hide is full of a variety of birds - about 100 Dalmatian Pelicans resting on the dikes, Shoveler have stuck head in the waters of the lake and do not stop to eat and Shelduck as well, who are in the second pool. It is full of Herons, Wild Ducks and Common Teal, above flies over Marsh Harrier and hundreds of Gulls which during flight create shiny curtain.
Do not miss out remaining autumn days and visit the area of ​​the Hide to enjoy the bird richness in the lake!
Burgas photographers will experience one salty Saturday in Atanasovsko Lake
This Saturday the first in the history of the wetland photo-fest will take place at Lake Atanasovsko. It will be attended by 15 photographers, members of Burgas Photographic Society. The event is organized by the "Salt of life" Project.
This is just one of the means to promote the diversity of Atanasovsko lake as a place with development opportunities for environmentally photo tourism. This is the added value to the place that is famous around the world with the birds but also with the green image of Burgas.
Atanasovsko lake sustainable management represented during International Conference in Romania
Representatives of the team of "Salt of Life" project visited Romanian city Tulcea and participated in the International Symposium "Conservation of Natural Heritage and Landscape - the premise of Sustainable Development" from 25 to 28 September 2014.
In the beautiful and recently completely renovated building of Ecotourism Museum center of the Danube delta, many representatives of protected areas directions, universities, museum workers, teams of various projects of conservation, research and education in the field of biodiversity gathered together.
Meeting of LIFE + projects in Bulgaria
The autumn meetings of the implemented projects with funding LIFE + Programme of the European Commission in Bulgaria аlready become traditional. Оn September 25th the fourth meeting hosted by DLS Balchik took place on the Black sea coast in Balchik.
Record rainfall over Atanasovsko lake
By the early hours of September 6, 2014 the rain over Atanasovsko lake lashed down in torrents with the record 101 liters per day. Huge amounts of rainfall fallen over the whole region of Bourgas as well.

New "maternity homes" for the birds in Atanasovsko lake in spring
During this August volunteers took part in the conservation brigade hold near the ponds for producing salt in Atanasovsko lake. The succeeded in making a platform and a huge bulk Island for birds. For 10 days over 70 boys and girls worked hard and managed to create new places for bird nesting and resting in the shallowest lake of Bourgas.
Ichthyofauna monitoring in Atanasovsko lake
One of the most important activities of the project is to conduct regular monitoring of the components of biodiversity. Fish are one of the groups providing information about the environmental condition of the lake its functioning as an ecosystem.

Fancy salty cocktail in a company of black lollipop
Such things happen only during the Festival of salt. It is in late August when another new salt production season began. Colours? Although you are at the seaside turn the navy blue shades out, you can meet them all over the coast. Stake on the unique scene of fairy of orange and graphite black and white. Because you are just next to amazing Atanasovsko lake. Orange comes from the sunset, and from tiny communities of strange microorganisms in the lake waters. White is salt, a lo-o-o-ot of salt! Black is the skin colour of the guests after sunning themselves and who are hanging jolly around the festival.