Modern electronic system improve the bird monitoring in Atanasovsko lake


Monitoring of birds in the Burgas Lakes, which is carried out by experts of the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds (BSPB) is already using the mobile application SmartBirds Pro for professional collection of biological information field. The application, developed by BSPB eases and speeds up the collection of scientific data and analysis and makes bird watching accessible to many people - scientists, volunteers, citizens with an interest in biodiversity. An electronic diary that can be used on a tablet or phone allows quick and easy recording of observed birds, just down the GPS coordinates are automatically input observer, date and time behavior of birds and not least quickly Export Base BSPB data.

Collected data during the July monitoring show that the breeding season for birds this year is very good. Rainfall in the spring did not cause serious damage to the nesting colonies in Atanasovsko lake and they have a high success rate and dozens of hatchlings.

Particularly successful are two islands in the South part, one of which was built during the last brigade in the lake. After an extremely unfavorable nesting season in 2014, when heavy rains caused massive damage, this year's two existing island taken hold 200 pairs of Common Terns and single couples Avocets and Black-winged Stilt.

The rainfall did not cause significant damage to both the colony and the island currently has several hundred already well-feathered little, we hope in a week or two to successfully fly. We saw a little already managed to fly away from the islands. We watched the first families with small sea of ​​Avocets and plovers.

In the main colony in the northern part of the lake Atanasovsko were counted nearly 600 pairs of Avocets, some with chicks already. Collected data shows some losts from predators, which are relatively small compared with previous years, thanks to the defense system which was built by volunteers of BSPB earlier this spring.

Monitoring of birds in Atanasovsko lake is carried out by BSPB, in the framework of the "Salt of life", which is implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, in partnership with BSPB and Black Sea Salinas Ltd. and is funded by the LIFE + Programme of the European Commission.