Miss and Mister Salty mud are searching for the Salt Festival


On 10th of August at 19.30, near the pools of healing lye and mud of Atanasovsko Lake will take place the fun contest "Miss and Mr. Salty Mud", which will include citizens and guests of Burgas regardless of their age, sex and education. The only requirement by the organizers of the Salt of Life project, LIFE +, is to be artistically painted with mud from the lake and to be attractive to the improvised scene of the competition. A special jury will determine the winners, but prizes will be for all brave participants. Those wishing to participate can register for participation in advance in Facebook Salt of Life, calling 0896798908 or directly at the Festival until 19:00.

The competition is again part of the Salt Festival program after it was organized during its first edition in 2013, when under the applause of the audience and especially of the salt workers, the prize was won by a participant from Burgas, who came especially for the competition with attractively painted with healing mud garters and gloves.

The organizers hope that this year's edition will include many of the people who daily use the lye and mud pools and benefit from free SPA procedures provided by the lake but also specially joined participants. Healing mud and medical lye are products from the salt work, with the difference between the two being organic matter specific to mud. Black mud is a proven remedy for the relief and treatment of joint diseases. Heals almost all skin diseases, acts soothing and rejuvenating the skin, wipes even scars. Mud is formed by the decay of various organisms, 1 cm of it is formed for more than 1 year. In August there will be another monitoring of the visitors to the pools and the Salt Trail, but the data from 2017 show nearly 4,000 people per day.

The Salt Festival will be held on August 10, 2018 (Friday) from 16.00 to 22.30 in the area of South Atanasovsko Lake - between the lye basins, the "symbiotic" space and the salinas production hall. The theme of the sixth edition is "The Salt of Life" and as every year will offer a variety of activities for children and adults aimed at presenting and preserving the salt lakes and lagoon Atanasovsko Lake, which are not only natural but also cultural heritage. The experience of the past 5 years has shown that the Salt production base is an appropriate and inspiring cultural arena and an interesting scene for different artists.

The Salt Festival is organized within the framework of the Salt of Life Project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, BSPB and Black Sea Salinas Ltd. and with the financial support of the EC through the LIFE + program.