Meeting of LIFE + projects in Bulgaria


The autumn meetings of the implemented projects with funding LIFE + Programme of the European Commission in Bulgaria аlready become traditional. Оn September 25th the fourth meeting hosted by DLS Balchik took place on the Black sea coast in Balchik.
The aim of the meeting was to present the latest projects in the Nature area - unfortunately only one approved in Bulgaria last year - LIFE "Riparian forests" of the Executive Forest Agency and WWF.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the LIFE + Programme of the European Commission and the Department of Nature in DG Environment, as well as members of the monitoring team of the Programme.On the meeting were discussed major issues that emerged during the implementation of the conservation projects relevant to financial and technical sector.
The hosts of the meeting - State Hunting Direction - Balchik presented their project "Preservation and restoration of oak habitats along the Black Sea" results.
The meeting continued outdoor with informal conversations between participants . The request of all the participants is in future the projects’ presentations to be more detailed, this way the involved project managers and experts will be able to share more experience and information.
Next year the "Salt of life" Project probably will host the general meeting.