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Mary Boys Band

In 2013 Mary Boys Bend and the director Vassil Stefanov's team dedicate to BSPB the song and the video "Will I ever race the Birds Over?".

Here's how the group commented on this dedication: "We do not often meet as pure people as BSPB people, relying on the ill-tempered themes and problems devoted to the noble cause of protecting birds and their shelters, the freedom and the eternal human pursuit of flying ... Young people from all over the country and abroad, who are free to waste their days on their summer holidays ... for us, for nature, for the Earth ... We are impressed by their activities at the Atanasovsko Lake, Mandra Lake. We dedicate the song "Can I ever run the Birds" to the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, which recently celebrated its 25th birthday!

The video was shot at Atanasovsko Lake and the beautiful flocks of the movie "They fly", created by BSPB and Mono Collective, were used in it. More about the movie can be found here:

Mary and a part of the group are from Bourgas and are related to lakes and birds by birth :)

In 2017 Mary and Miro form Mary Boys Band take a part in the Salt Festival and entertain the public.