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Mariana Sarbova and her Salt project

Mariana is an architect by profession and an artist by soul, for whom nature and communication with her is a great inspiration. She graduated in Architecture at the UACEG and Design at Hochschule fur Technic Stuttgart. Co-founder of Hamamologica and Child Laboratory, a member of the Transformers Association. Participation and selection in the top 10 of TileAward 2014, organized by Agrob Buchtal, participation in CONTEMPO 2014, Varna with the SALT project. Award from "Archimoria" - Burgas Architectural Awards for Sea Center Magazia. Award in the design category of National Review of Bulgarian Architecture for "The Wall of Tales", Burgas / in team /, III prize in the contest of Transformers for the Monument 1300 years Bulgaria / in a team / etc. There are several solo exhibitions "Morfauna" , "Sea", "Pret-a-design", "Canvas" and others.

More about Mariana Sarbova:

The SALT exhibition is in three parts.

Around Burgas there are 3 lakes (Mandrensko, Vaya, Atanasovsko) and 1 sea (Black Sea). Although they are so close to each other, they are all unique in character and ecology, and their waters are of different salinity. I took water from each of these 4 water basins and let the water paint it in its own way - making watercolors of rust on 4 metal sheets. Each canvas is different from the others - both as the end result and as a process in time. Just as water "paints" in nature - with different brushes and paints, different structures and landscapes.

Water is a whole and at the same time separate volumes of different properties. The waters circulate, overflow and cross borders, in other water basins with other stories. Water brings salt, water wipes salt ... Water flows simultaneously, flows over and blends, and at the same time defines boundaries. Water remembers everything, water erases everything ...

Sails are created with salt instead of paints. Taken directly from the water basins, dissolved or crystalline, the salt leaves visible traces on the sails. We are salty beings ... we live in a world full of salt, we live life with salt taste, we seek the salt of life ...

We are salty creatures ...
We are looking for salt in our food,
We cry with salty tears,
We ourselves have a salty taste,
We leave salt in our clothes
with all our efforts.
We are salty creatures ...
Our blood contains a huge amount of salt -
we are small oceans.
The salts in us control us all!
Salt is delicious ... and bitter ...
and we are more at times.
They say salt can kill ...
But we can not imagine life without salt.
We are salty creatures ...