Layman's report of the Salt of Life project


If you are interested in reading briefly what our team has done for 6 years for the Atanasovsko lake coastal lagoon - download this brochure (available in Bulgarian and English) or look for a paper copy. In LIFE + environment, this report is known as the Layman's report and is very important because it presents in an accessible and conceivable way the main activities, achievements and challenges of the project for that period.

Again, we use the opportunity to thank all our colleagues, friends, institutions, organizations and businesses who have helped us to tell the story of the lake, salt, birds and people, and do a lot (but not all) about the long-term conservation of the lagoon and the unique Atanasovsko lake and its inhabitants.
Layman's report in BG 9 Mb (pdf) download
Layman's report in English 9 Mb (pdf) download