Fancy salty cocktail in a company of black lollipop


Such things happen only during the Festival of salt. It is in late August when another new salt production season began. Colours? Although you are at the seaside turn the navy blue shades out, you can meet them all over the coast. Stake on the unique scene of fairy of orange and graphite black and white. Because you are just next to amazing Atanasovsko lake. Orange comes from the sunset, and from tiny communities of strange microorganisms in the lake waters. White is salt, a lo-o-o-ot of salt! Black is the skin colour of the guests after sunning themselves and who are hanging jolly around the festival.
There is no other similar party with dress code: "Bring your old swimsuit". You can smear yourselves freely with mud and lye. How many free and healthy spa pleasures are offered nowadays?! You can find out everything about Salt - SPA therapy, knowledge for crystals of salt lattice, fun biogames for children, exhibition of beautiful and useful products made from salt, a proposal to become salt worker, even if only for a day. Of course there are treats: fine salty cocktails that you did not even think of that may be so posh.
That day does not go without a high-class solar art: extremely fine salt known in the gourmet
culinary as "flower of salt". It always shall be put at the end of cooking, like icing on the cake. Mentioning sweetness, good chocolatiers know that to make a real quality chocolate, it must surely go with a pinch of salt.
The best thing about the festival is the attitude of the lake and its entire palette of natural resources. Kite flying over the waters reminds you that you are in the enchanted kingdom of Salt and Birds. Autumn migration of the flocks in the sky is an incredible sight indeed.
Leave time for the magic tricks hidden in the lagoon. Their names usually are pronounced in scientific Latin language. Perhaps to mislead you that it’s something boring, but it not! It will be told you that for example, there are found 35 species hygrophytes, 44 species hygromezofities, 17 species halofity, 18 - psamophytes ... Did you say something? Now imagine living, colorful and teeming lagoon with organisms, algae and strange grass. Centuries ago people call them "ogniche", "sea mermaid", "curly pondweed," "gmelinova gyrlica" ... There are even "ostrovyrha uroka”.  And even "black lollipop". Did we convince you that it is not just about the joyful guests in the festival that are smeared with quality pond mud and brine found? There are very real black lollipop (Nonea atra), a rare Balkan endemic. They will make you good company in the most fun Festival of salt and life.