Even the bus stops help to protect Bourgas as town of lakes


The bus stops in Bourgas help to protect the town of lakes. They are decorated with images of Eurasian Spoonbills, Pied Avocets, Black-winged stilts, Ferruginous ducks and many other winged inhabitants of the lakes as well as impressive sceneries form Vaya, Atanassovsko Lake and protected area “Poda”.
The advertising agency “Piero 97” helped Bulgarian society for the Protection of Birds and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in their efforts to popularize the Bourgas Lakes. The initiative is within the framework of the projects “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes” and “Salt of LIFE” funded under EU LIFE+ program. Thus the ecologists hope to make citizens of Bourgas proud of the nature of their home town.
For one year the comfortable and pretty bus stops will give the opportunity to citizens to get acquainted with the winged inhabitants of the Bourgas lakes and their lifestyle.
Bourgas is well known in Europe and in the world with its beautiful nature. It is about time to popularize it among the citizens and the guests of the town. Bourgas is among the few towns on the Old continent with so large wetlands that are of global importance. Here is situated the biggest natural lake in Bulgaria – Vaya. Over the modern big city passes the migratory route Via Pontica which is of high importance for the birds in Europe. Bourgas is the only town in Bulgaria that has a managed reseve – “Atanassovsko Lake”. The wetlands are very important for the conservation of globally threatened bird species.
For all nature lovers Bourgas is the town of lakes and birds but it is more important that the citizens of the town recognize its significance and to protect it. This is the only way to protect the wetlands so that they continue to be a place inhabited by thousand bird species, fish and mammals. They will continue to serve as sources of salt, lye and game, as well as guards against floods. They will continue to provide joy and good spirits to those who have eyes for the beauty of Atanassovsko Lake, Vaya, Mandra and protected area “Poda” and their wildlife.