Ecological status assessment of a hypersaline lake: case study of Atanasovsko Lake, Bulgaria


International Conference on Zoology and Zoonoses was held in Hissar, Bulgaria, from the 26th to 28th of October,  2016.
The International Conference on Zoology and Zoonoses is aimed at academics, researchers and students from various fields of zoology, as well as microbiologists, vets and epidemiologists. The scientific presentations and sessions include a wide variety of zoological disciplines. Contributions in the areas of taxonomy, faunistics, evolution, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology, appliedzoology, vector-bornediseases, epidemiology, genetics, molecularbiology, etc. The goal was to provide opportunity for a dynamic exchange of information, ideas and scientific discoveries in light of recent climate changes and the associated epidemiological risk for public health.
Hydrobiological team of the Salt of Life project includes: Gana Gecheva, Emilia Varadinova, Detelina Belkinova, Stoyan Mihov, Georgi Gyuzelev and Yordanka Hristeva.