Conservation camp Atanasovsko Lake 2015


Serious work expected the participants in wish to improve conditions in Atanasovsko lake and some of the other Natura 2000 areas around Burgas, as habitats for rare birds. The existing artificial islands for nesting will be repaired, dikes will be cleaned, mussels for nesting material will be gathered. 

The program of the brigade includes monitoring of autumn migration the biggest migration route in Eastern Europe - "Via Pontica", curious evening presentations from the world of nature conservation and biodiversity. Of course, everything will happen under the watchful eyes of the owners of the lakes, namely Terns, Black-winged Stilt, gulls, pelicans and other waterbirds.

If you want to become a participant it is necessary to:
  •     be ready to work in mud, salt, strong sunlight, reeds and birds;
  •     be 18 years (persons under 18 years can become part of the crew if they present a signed statement by a parent);
  •     be ready to sleep in a tent in the Black Sea Salinas - North near to Burgas and ensure your tent, sleeping bag, mat.
The fee for participation in the brigade 45 lev, but members of BSPB has a discount and pay a fee of 20 lev participation fee. Participants cover their own travel expenses to and from the camp.

BSPB organizer will provide:
  •     Food three times daily - from day evening (21:08) until the last day in the morning (30.08);
  •     insurance for all approved participants;
  •     Access to the bathroom on the "Black Sea Salinas" AD;
  •     Participation in the Festival of Salt (28 August), organized within the project Salt of Life;
  •     Evening training program with interesting speakers;
  •     Daily training program for migration of point
  •     Visit the Conservation Center of the BSPB "Poda"

IF YOU WISH TO BECOME PART OF the Brigade, a completed application form and send it to later than August 12 (Wednesday) 2015. Places are limited, so always confirm participation by e-mail this year receive 50 people at the latest by August 16 (Sunday) 2015.

To participate in the brigade will not be allowed people who did not send a completed application form within the specified period and / or have not received confirmation from the organizers!

Advantage when selecting foremen will have candidates who:
  •     They will participate for the entire period of the brigade;
  •     have a keen interest in bird conservation and biodiversity (participation in MOVP, environmental and educational activities BSPB other environmental brigades, voluntary activities of other organizations, etc.).
  •     have experience in activities involving physical labor or working with tools and more.
  •     have experience in shooting and identification of wild animals;
  •     They can play musical instruments or sing nice (won are music format).

application 659 Kb (doc) download