Conservation camp

Conservation camp Atanasovsko Lake 2014

This year for the first time, the camp was organized within the project "Salt of life", LIFE +. The brigade was held in the period 22-31 August 2014

Field activities during the brigade:
  •     Tracking autumn migration (continued throughout the day)
  •     Construction of island in Lake Atanasovsko
  •     Build a platform for birds in Lake Atanasovsko
  •     Collecting mussels from Lake Atanasovsko
  •     Cleaning the Hide of RIEWs
  •     Monitoring of visitors to the pools with lay and mud
  •     organizing and participating in the Festival of Salt

Attended by over 70 people from across the country, including Belgian (which comes specifically to the brigade) and Vietnamese (who teaches at the University of Forestry).
Organizer of the brigade was young, but very successful Volen Arkumarev from BSPB and commandant - flawless Todor Petkov from BSPB Bourgas. Field activities were led by Volen, Gyuzelev, Vladimir Mladenov and Ralitsa Georgieva from BSPB and observations autumn migration by Dr. Peter Yankov by BSPB. Strong support proved Yana Gocheva and Svetoslav Spassov, BSPB and Diana Kostovska and Spas Uzunov, BBF.

Within the brigade presentations were held as follows:
  •     Stoycho Stoychev - Conservation successes in the conservation of the Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria
  •     Peter Yankov - Methods for monitoring the autumn migration
  •     Peter Yankov - Expedition BSPB in Turkmenistan
  •     Vladimir Mladenov - Effect on the islands for breeding success of birds in the lake Atanasovsko
  •     Stoyan Nikolov - Neophron
  •     Nia Tochkova - Expeditions in Albania for the study of bats. Disease "white nose" at bats
  •     Pencho Pandakov - Freshwater crabs made in Bulgaria
  •     Spas Uzunov - Protected areas in Bulgaria
  •     Diana Kostovska - salt production in Atanasovsko lake and sustainable business
  •     Veronica Ferdinandova and Vania Ratarova - ecosystem services
  •     Mariana Toteva - Volunteering in Brazil
  •     Martina Popova - Discussion about membership BSPB
  •     Dimitar Gradinarov - Wildlife Photography

Of greatest interest were the lectures for crabs and conservation of the Egyptian vulture and those of Imperial Eagle and Turkmenistan.