Conservation camp

Conservation camp 2016

Atanasovsko Lake: Reloading 

A Brigade in favor of nature

August is the month of the summer adventure known as the Camp of Atanasovsko lake. The last month of the summer is best suited for salt water splashing, mud mowing, campfire songs and many enjoyable experiences in or around Atanasovsko Lake and all for the benefit of nature. August is Atanasovsko Lake: reloading.

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation,  the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the Black Sea Salinas Ltd. invite all people with an adventurous spirit to join the nature conservation brigade organized under the "Salt of Life" project of the EU LIFE + program.

The place is the meadow in the northern salinas (Burgas) to the lye, salt and birds of Atanasovsko lake. If you like lying in lye, if you are a lover of birds (and not only), if you are cut-reeder, if you like building of islands, if you can spend at least a few days on the summer, come to the Conservation Brigade from 19 to 28 August 2016.

The Conservation Brigade is a good reason to recharge the batteries at the end of the summer because Atanasovsko Lake is the lagoon of the countless flocks, the dazzling salt, the Point (the emblematic spot for bird migration) and the brigade. The lagoon of the purple waters and the saltmakers that collect the salt is one of the last wild places in Bulgaria.

This year, volunteers will also make efforts to improve the habitat of rare bird species in the lakes around Burgas. They will repair the existing artificial islands for nesting, mowing cane, cleaning dikes, collecting shells for nesting, cleaning loose islands, and other useful activities. The program includes monitoring of autumn migration on the major migration route - Via Pontica - and everything will happen under the watchful eye of lake owners - terns, gulls, pelicans and other waterfowl.