Conservation camp

Conservation camp 2015

A tradition that gathers people and birds

From 21 to 30 August BSPB organizes the Atanasovsko Lake 2015 Nature Conservation Brigade, which includes 40 volunteers from the country and one from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

The main work is related to the construction and repair of nesting platforms - the islands, which are a safe place for breeding. Filling and squeezing heavy sacks with mussels to the platforms will provide a suitable substrate on which the next spring birds will grow their offspring.

Another important activity during the brigade is the cleaning of the terrain along the Avocet Trail in the southern Atanasovsko lake. The youngsters have already eaten, leaked and cleaned the area around the coast, where this spring students from Burgas schools will meet with the inhabitants of the lake.

From today begins work in the Protected Site "Poda", where will be cutted the reed in front of the BSPB Nature Conservation Center and will expand the places suitable for rest and feeding of more birds. Increasing water mirrors and reed control is of particular importance for the management of this valuable wetland.

One of the most impressive and exciting natural phenomena during the brigade is the Autumn bird migration. Right now, tens of thousands of White storks cross the Bird Watching Point near Burgas, reaching the Via Pontica migratory road to their wintering locations in Africa. The Point people follow the flying flocks and keep the exact numbers of passing storks, pelicans and day-old raptors.

Brigaders will be the most important helpers and participants of the Salt Festival that will take place on the 28th of August on the lagoon.

The nights in the camp are unforgettable when various lecturers visit the meadow and present a variety of interesting lectures on fish, invasive species, sands collection, lake and for young people who change the world.

Brigade "Atanasovsko Lake 2015" is organized by BSPB under the project "Salt of Life" implemented by BBF, BSPB and Chernomorski Solnitsi AD with the financial support of the LIFE + program of the EC.