Common check ups for the illegal discharges


In connection with the worse ecological and physico-chemical state of the bypass channel of Atanasovsko Lake the team of the "Salt of life" Project again raised a common check up for the presence of illegal discharges of domestic wastewater from residential complexes "Izgrev" and "Zornitsa".

In the check up attended by representatives of Basin Directorate of Black Sea Region (BSBD) - Varna, BSBD - Burgas, Burgas Municipality, ViK - Burgas and the "Salt of life" project. During the inspection it was found that localized in previous inspections illegal discharges were discontinued, but constantly arise new ones, the localization and removal of which requires more time and resources.

Encouraging is the commitment of institutions and understanding of the importance of the problem and their willingness to take measures against illegal discharges and comprehensive solution of the question. For this to happen, it is necessary awareness of the problem and involvement of the citizens (and peasants) and termination of this illegal practice. Except that deteriorates the quality of water flowing into the bypass channel Atanasovsko lake, and from there into the sea is the cause of deterioration of the image of our city as a tourist destination.