Burgas photographers will experience one salty Saturday in Atanasovsko Lake


This Saturday the first in the history of the wetland photo-fest will take place at Lake Atanasovsko. It will be attended by 15 photographers, members of Burgas Photographic Society. The event is organized by the "Salt of life", LIFE + Project implemented by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation with partnership of BSPB and Black Sea Salinas Ltd.

This is just one of the means to promote the diversity of Atanasovsko lake as a place with development opportunities for environmentally photo tourism. This is the added value to the place that is famous around the world with the birds but also with the green image of Burgas.

The participants at the photo-fest will experience one salty day in Atanasovsko lake by visiting four places at the salty lake, each with a unique look and atmosphere. The first stop for photographers will be the southern Atanasovsko lake, which is known for its shallow pools separated by dikes and filled with waterfowl. This is a "restaurant" which feed various types of Curlew, river gulls, small white and gray Herons, beautiful Shelduck and Avocet, and several ducks. In autumn and winter on the artificial nesting platforms for birds relax Dalmatian Pelicans after heavy lunch in Bourgas Lake.

The tour of the lagoon will continue with a walk in the northern part of Lake Atanasovsko that is maintained reserve, and later photographers will wade into the pools with lye and mud.
Different faces of the wetland will be revealed to participants while they enter into that part of the lake, which today is used for the salt production. In connection with this many years ago the natural wetland was obstruct with earth dikes and shafts that converted it into separate swimming pools - crystallizators. In northern saltpans photographers will be able to see the salt received from sea water under the influence of wind and solar power, generated as a big white mountains, and also basins in which it is produced.

Photographs from photo-fest will take part in a photo competition "One salty day at Atanasovsko lake" and will compete for inclusion in the calendar of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation 2015.