Bike tour with 33 findings for the 33 Anniversary of Atanasovsko Lake Reserve


We have prepared a funny game - on the occasion of 33 anniversary of reserves (12 August 1980) - while riding your bicycle along the lake, you must find 33 objectives in and around the lake. If you identify all of them you will be awarded.
One of the most interesting and valuable reserves in Bulgaria become on 33. Age at which you become experienced and important, you managed to keep despite numerous challenges and trials. Reserve is situated on one hand to the large and active city, but still keeps the wild nature and each time surprises with extraordinary encounters with rare species, magical colors and unforgettable events.
The wealth of the lake was assessed in the far 1980, thanks to the efforts of bird lovers and especially the enthusiasm of a young teacher in Burgas English Language School - Mr. John Roberts, who daily rounded the lake and collect data on its unique bird diversity.
Today the reserve is famous not only in Bulgaria but in Europe and the world as ornithologists paradise, where you can see 320 of all 446 bird species in Bulgaria. Some of them nest in the lake (Terns, Black-winged Stilt, Avocets, gulls, Shelducks), others migrate and rest (pelicans, storks, songbirds, eagles and buzzards), and the third just wintering here (ducks, geese, cormorants).
We will expect you with your bike on August 12 at 17.30 h in the parking near the beach. Those without bike can be included directly into the cake part at 18:30 at the Point (north salinas).
Bike tour for 33 findings is organized by the "Salt of life", LIFE + Project and with the assistance of the Regional Inspectorate for Environment and water Burgas - the manager of the reserve Atanasovsko lake.