Atanasovsko Lake Reserve's Birthday


With lots of laughter and fun passed the sports feast organized for the birthday party of Atanasovsko lake at park "Lake" on August 12th.
In the gallery you can see pictures of the games, awarding, entertainment and yoga demonstration. Winners became the participants from team "Solnitsata" (where there were still two older), closely followed by the "Pelican". The teams of the "olders" - "Avocet" and "Flamingo" were the last.

The offspring of Avocet, hatching of the small, the flow of energy, feeding, threat of jackals were only part of the fun games for the participants.
It is interesting that the most difficult question in the second part "Knowledge of the Lake" was where the name Atanasovsko lake comes from. The lake received its name from nearby village Atanasovo (today district „Izgrev“).

A lot of fun was a treasure hunt with a map and hidden symbolс through the meadows, where the best were the team "Pelicans".

After the ceremony and devouring the "birthday cake" of salt and green muffins with homemade lemonade - Nadezhda Koleva and her son Boris did yoga demonstration of different animals - raven, golden eagle, lion, cobra, fish, etc.
Of course the party finished with a football game on the lawn.