Art installations and exhibitions

symBiotic exhibition
The travelling exhibition "symbiotic" is the result of the experimental work of four young people from Burgas (the ecologist Diana Pavlova, two architects Mariana Sarbova and Galina Milkova and the designer Nedko Nikolov) and is inspired and dedicated to a lake with a huge scientific and conservation value - Atanasovsko Lake.
Mariana Sarbova and her Salt project
Mariana is an architect by profession and an artist by soul, for whom nature and communication with her is a great inspiration. She graduated in Architecture at the UACEG and Design at Hochschule fur Technic Stuttgart. Co-founder of Hamamologica and Child Laboratory, a member of the Transformers Association. Participation and selection in the top 10 of TileAward 2014, organized by Agrob Buchtal, participation in CONTEMPO 2014, Varna with the SALT project. Award from "Archimoria" - Burgas Architectural Awards for Sea Center Magazia.
Think Forward and SALGHT instalation
Think Forward is a Bulgarian independent creative association of architect Galina Milkova and designer Nedko Nikolov, founded in 2013.
Our practice goes beyond architectural design. We are excited about social, ethical, environmental issues and are looking for their innovative solution through the means of art and new technologies. In 2014, we created an applied theoretical philosophy school for arts whose platform is our engine - ECT-ETHICS.