Air yoga, mud dance and rythm and salt for the soul in the Salt Festival


The events included in the program of the Festival of salt were also subject to the links - dance improvisation os Ana Salazar in the mud of the lake, "Rhythm and salt for the soul" - the musical circle that included the audience and especially the guests from Albania, who are from an area of ​​saltpans and want to develop tourism and activities similar to ours. Perhaps the most attractive this year was air yoga with Chrisi in the hall of saltpans, which gathered large and small special hammocks and become productive area in the sports hall. Again there was presented part of the exhibition of "Animalia" - an exhibition symbiosis between illustration and sculpture that will play in full glory in November in the "Casino".

Studio for body art with mud was situated on the bank of the pool with mud, where the artist Ivan Yankov "loaded with paint" and painted with mud on their bodies of willing models.
The music was also different and somehow connected - a young Burgas hope Lydia Stamatova perform hits and lyrical pieces against the setting over the lake sun, then experimentators of Ultra Fuels and avant-garde Dr Laing from Plovdiv played reworked folk, rock and jazz to guests of the festival, but most enjoyed were the salt workers. 

"This year I came in Burgas especially for the Festival. I like it ... small as event, but large enough with content and the location - Atanasovsko lake. Incredibly romantic atmosphere, interesting people and fun events between sea and lake. I love the specific odor of the lake, salty taste in my skin and the birds around me "- says young Yana Gocheva from Sofia.

As every year children's art workshops attracted the biggest audience - drawing birds with colored sand, colored salt and filling bottles, shooting on location and making picture frames with old solnicharski boards were only part of the entertainment. Art bird this year was completed as decoupage and painted in different colors. Hopper revived and new graphite Salt of Life, made just a few hours.

The Bazaar of salt and "Salt worker for one day" are traditional for the festival and have their loyal audience. This time, besides cosmetic products with brine from the lake had a special booth at the BSE shirts, buffs, jewelry, bird, etc., and was fitted with badges and identifications of birds. Near him was located and gigantic puzzle Atanasovsko lake, which with more than 700 pieces difficult for the participants and keep them until late evening even by the light of flashlights.

Salt Festival was held on August 28, 2015 from 16.00 to 22.00 and is organized by the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation in the framework of the "Salt of Life" Project. The project is funded by the LIFE + Programme of the EU and implemented in partnership with BSPB and "Black Sea Salinas" Ltd. This year happens with the help of dozens of volunteers from Burgas and conservation brigade "Atanasovsko Lake 2015".