A ACTIONS - Preparatory actions

C ACTIONS - Concrete Conservation Actions

D ACTIONS - Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

E ACTIONS - Public awareness and dissemination of results

F ACTIONS - Overall project operation and monitoring of the project progress

Elaborate technical projects and detailed construction plans for the reconstruction works

Restore habitats, roosting and breeding sites by dykes and barriers repair

Monitoring of the impact of the project activities on hydrological and hydrochemical parameters from the conservation status of the lagoon

Develop and maintain the project web site

Establish and make operational a Project Team

Provide permissions, necessary for the building and repairing activities

Secure the lagoon against flood and limit pollution by repairing the bypass channel and dyke

Monitoring of the impact of the project activities on biodiversity (key plant and animal species, inhabiting the lagoon, breeding and roosting)

Maintain project audio-visual archive to resource all communication activities

Establish and make operational a Project Steering Group

Study the possibilities for support of the traditional salt production through agro ecological measures

Apply no cost alternative measures to ensure regular sea-water influx to the lagoon

Monitoring technical effectiveness

Enhance visitor's experience on Atanasovsko Lake

Sign partnership agreements

Develop contemporary interpretation system around Atanasovsko Lake

Create roosting sites for the key bird species in lagoon to ensure better conservation status


Organise Salt of Life Festival and communicate project objectives and results to the broader public

Technical and financial reporting

Develop comprehensive monitoring scheme for the Atanasovsko Lake lagoon



Foster cooperation for Atanasovsko lake protection by establishing Atanasovsko Lake Public council

Networking with other projects

Develop project communication strategy and action plan



Ensure effective national and international media coverage of the Project

Develop an “After-Life Conservation Plan”




Produce a Layman's report on the objectives, activities and results of the Project