A special dance devoted to Atanasovsko Lake will close the Natura 2000 Award Ceremony in Brussels


The Salt of Life Project team received an invitation to inspire the guests in the official ceremony for the European Natura 2000 Awards on May 17th, 2018 in Berlaymont hall.

The variety of artists in different spheres of art and on the different age, included in the Inspired by the Lake section of the project website impressed the organizers of the event. Thus at the prestigious ceremony on Thursday evening where the EC invited all the 25 finalists and where the Commissioner for the Environment, Karmenu Vella, together with the Jury members, will announce the winners and hand over the trophies, on the stage will performed the dancers from DUNE Dance Company, who will present their dance “The Lake”.
“The Lake” is generally inspired by the unique Bulgarian nature and the special Natura 2000 environment in Burgas region. The Black Sea coastal city Burgas is rich with its 3 surrounding lakes and the unique bird migratory road, called Via Pontica. The performers work is also inspired by the remarkable efforts of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds to keep Nature safe and preserved.

The choreography belongs to Petya Stoykova, the music is from the song “Momina molitva” performed by Ivan Shopov and “Avigeya” vocal group from their music album “Kanatitsa”. The dance will be performed on the background of video for Atanasovsko Lake named “The Salt of Life - a Tale for the Lake, Salt, Birds and People”.

“The Lake” dance work is dedicated to Atanasovsko Lake – one special place which is Natura 2000 site, Managed reserve, Protected area, Ramsar site, a favourite area for sport, bird watching and free open-air SPA. The dance piece is representing the Lake soul. The dancers are rising from the ground and slowly transform into birds at their flight.

In 2018 there are 4 Bulgarian projects among the finalists for Natura 2000 Awards in 3 categories and for the EU citizen’s prize.  
This is the 4th edition of the European Awards established to asset the highest achievements in the management of Natura 2000 zones and to present the added value of the Network for the local economies. This time Bulgaria will be presented not only with its finalists but with the artistic performance of the Burgas dancers from DUNE, which will close the special ceremony.  

Everyone could be committed and to follow the ceremony alive using the web streaming provided by the EC at the link: